Mavrovo & Bigorski


The western part of the republic of Macedonia is rich in high mountains,crystal clear lakes and rivers and untouched nature.About 50 km north of Ohrid nearby the Macedonian Albanian borderline ,lies a place with one of the most spectacular monasteries in the Balkans –St.John Bigorski .It is accessible from the regional road OhridStrugaDebar –National Park Mavrovo .Beyound and Doubt this is one of the most scenic roads in Macedonia especialy the section along the river Crni Drim and the canyon of the river Radika.

The monastery dedicated to st.John Baptist was constructed  in the 11 century .

Known far and wide for the wood carving at the iconostasis 19 ct  .



The trip moves along  the road Ohrid-Struga-Debar and You will have an opportunity to enjoy in some beautiful landscape of moutain Jablanica while following the course of the river Crni Drim.

The buss will arrive in the vicinity of the monastery then we will walk up a trial about 500 m long to the monastery gate.Visiting the monastery complex for about 1 hour.

The trip continues to National park Mavrovo.Sightseeing of the region and opportunity  for coffee

Break in one of the restorans  on the road.

Arrival  back  at the hotel at 18.00 PM


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